Possible purchase

@bif looking for a bit of advice on your views?

Thinking of buying the VF1000F currently on Ebay but I’ve never seen one with that livery?
Does it look original and what’s your thoughts on price?



Definitely not a factory paint job,after market motad neta tail pipes and fairing mounted mirrors that are bolted onto the plastic with no support at the back.Chances are these will vibrate and eventually crack the fairing.
Handle bars are either cbr600 or 1000 having a fair bit less lift than the standard bars.
The right hand side panel looks to have dropped at the back,an indication that the rear mount is broken and the grab rail is absent,not structural but the gap in the seat is unsightly.
As to price,I would say that if the above points don’t bother you,it’s not bad from a dealer if you are getting the usual warranty etc

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Thanks Biff! Thought there were a few things off with it buy you’ve spotted more than me!


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Hi mate,
As bif said paint is wrong, looks like its an attempt to look like the rothmans vf1000r, but paint is in the eye of the beholder unless you want a totally original look, mine is not spec but the red stripes are.
It is pricey cos its from a shop so if they are asking that then they should be giving you some warrantee even if only 2 weeks , this gives you a little time to listen very carefully to the motor for any tip,tap knocks or rattles, most engines this will not be significant but on these it could be a developing problem (ive had the knock on a 750 and a 1000 many years ago.)
I also have cbr 600 wheels with modern tyres on, this makes the world of difference to the way it rides but again not for puritans.
I like the look of that vf so the paint is good to me but paint can cover the more important issues especially when its shiny and new looking. tread careful and ask for a discount, these mean the world to us who are into them but on the whole people steer clear of them, so they might want it out and take an offer??

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Thanks mate. I’ve already got an original Bol Dor that I love so this would just be a toy really that I don’t worry so much about.

Appreciate the feedback!