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I’ve previously had and loved an 83 VF750F and am currently considering an 86 VF1000FF, engine condition unknown aside from the fact it starts and runs with 33k on the clock. My concerns are around parts availability and current knowledge around rectification of known issues. I always though that the VF1000F range were exempt from the 750’s cam issue. reading through this forum it seems not. I read with interest VFPetes(?) delve into the engine to replace bearings and worn rockers (can’t find that post now…doh!!). Are there VF specialists available who understand issues and can rectify without the requirement to access the funds of a small third world nation?
Then there is the collector box, I would expect the worst and I seem tore call that you could buy a pattern part for the VF750 is there a similar item for the 1000??

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Fentible,
I own 5 VF,one of each batch: VF1000F '84,VF1000R '84,VF1000F II 85, VF1000F G 86, VF1000R 1986 and none of them as cam trouble.My VF1000Fg shows 100 000 on the clock,has never been opened and still runs on the original cam chains. So,if the engine of your prospect bike is running with no big end knock and no clattering cams and you can get it at a fair price,go for it!

Fred’s right there is nothing wrong with the 750’s big brother.
Honda increased oil capacity and flow in the bigger engine and the FF has the line bored heads with longer cams giving a larger bearing area.
There is not to my knowledge an after market collector available,however Two Wheel Spares have a very clean second hand one for sale at the moment for £165.
If it’s the blue and silver one on eBay its a bit of a bargain
Welcome and best regards Bif

Hi Fred and Bif

Thanks for replying, I really appreciate your comments. Let you know if I go for it or not.



hi fentible,
i think what fred and bif says has summed everything up, i dont think there is any specialist vf mechanics around, your best bet is this and other vf forums which tend to have covered most things vf related at some point or another,
the vf is a good bike, ones which have been maintained well and used properly throughout there life will remain good servants irrespective of there age, ones which have been abused may be more problematic.
the vf bif mentioned looks a decent bike, if it runs without smoke,rattle and knock when FULLY warmed up your probably onto a winner.

Thanks VFpete, the actual mechanics don’t really scare me its the availability of parts etc. I note in your post you were looking at cam and rocker repairs, an area of engine rebuilds I’ve so far been fortunate enough not to have to delve into. As regards this actual bike, unfortunately, I’m a bit too far to nip over for a look so I had asked some questions. I got a reply which didn’t acknowledge anything I’d asked. Not sure if the guy just muddled up who’d asked what and I got someone else’s reply but till I get some sort of assurance particularly relating to the legal stuff then its not for me. I’ve only ever once trailed a respectable distance to pick up a bike only to walk away because of blatant mis-description. I’ve been fairly cautious since then.

Hi Fentable, I’m too far away to look myself, but perhaps there’s someone out there who might look at the bike for you who lives nearby ?

I’ve done that in the past for other people in the other bike club I belong to. Good excuse for a ride out ( on my trouble-free VF1000FF )


Hi Marmite

Its a sensible suggestion and I would do the same. However I’m now off the idea of this particular machine only on the basis that I believe the seller is being deliberately evasive. He won’t be drawn on the presence or otherwise of knocks/rattles/smoke once the engine is warmed up, simply that it starts and runs. he also hasn’t confirmed if the V5 is present or if the frame/engine numbers are undamaged and match the log book. No matter how cheap a bike is I’m still going to ask a set of fairly standard questions before I set off on a 350 mile round trip. I also asked about the number of previous owners, how long he has had the bike and condition of the stanchions which aren’t of huge importance but would have been nice to know. Its still a cheap bike but the sellers lack of communication has put me off. I’ll keep looking.

Those are basic questions anyone would ask,the lack of straight honest answers would have me giving it a miss too.
Regards Bif

Yea, ditto what Bif said. If you saw one at £950.00 with a good response from the seller, that would make more sense because as we all know you can easily swallow up way in excess of £300 with a bike which is knackered. Parts aren’t too bad to get - from screens to panels and cycle bits - which was your original question.

Sounds like you’re switched on to the whole process anyway. Good luck, they’re worth sticking with until you find a goodun.


I have two bol dors for sale. One has done 3 miles since its mot last year but needs a carb diaphragm and the collector is just about to be replaced. The other needs the carbs cleaning and an ignition switch fitting. Looking for £1200 for either of them once they have a current MOT.