Problem with inforad

Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and incidentally new to Vf1000’s (I just bought an 85 model 2 weeks ago) I am already in love with it but I have what is probably a very silly problem. I decided to fit an Inforad M1 speed camera detector, I found a spot for the unit under the left side of the Fairing, Got the LED tidily sticking up out of the dash and tentatively set on putting the antenna on the other side. all staightforward and no problems until I came to connect up the electrics, Its 2 wires what can go wrong? I hear you say. Ok try this If i connect it to the main power lead Direct from the Battery It works fine. however I dont really want the thing running 24/7 so I thought Find a suitable lead from the Ignition switch, and this is my problem, I quickly found 3 or 4 wires that power up with the ignition, checked them with my meter Yep ok Connect up the Inforad… stone cold dead, nothing,zip,zilch. I’m stumped and Inforad support has gone home for the weekend.

Anyone got any wisdom?

As with most bikes, the VF electrical system is divided into circuits supporting the various “systems”… The main power feed from the ignition switch passes through to the fuse-box (mounted on the top yoke) and from there it divides up into a number of fused, live, feeds that supply those systems.

To avoid adding an extra load to those circuits that actually keep the bike running, I’d be looking to splice into the “signals” system wiring - look for a white/green wire coming out of the fusebox harness… This has a 15A Fuse (#3) so it’ll easily accommodate the inforad load… BTW: Don’t forget to add a suitable in-line fuse to protect the inforad… 15A will fry it if a fault develops…

The return path for the info rad can be spliced into any Green (earth) wire or simply to a tag, bolted to the frame…