Progress at last

That’s the front end finally finished and if nothing else it looks the part.

Fitted at the same time is a new German spec side stand.
It’s self retracting so I need to keep that in mind when moving the bike around.
Cheers PAJ for the donation to project.

Next job is to pull the engine out,although I rebuilt this one for the previous owner a number of years ago,it now appears to have an oil leak.
The casings look a bit scabby too,so I will be fitting the original engine from XPX.
It’s totally stripped so it’s off to the machine shop to have the bores honed,then the top and bottom cases will be painted.
I’ve got a few days off over the festive period so want to push the job on to be sure of having it ready for the show at Stafford
Regards Bif

nice job on the front end bif, are those floating discs for the vf1000R ?

No Pete they are listed for the CBR600,CBX750 and VFR750.
They look to be well finished,all edges are painted black.
I can’t honestly recommend them until I have tried them out,they may be made of cheese.
I found them on for €77 delivered
Regards Bif

Engine out,and it really is scabby,the rest of the bike is in good condition so it’s worth the effort.
The oil leak turned out to be the starter motor Oring so not a big deal.
Top covers off and all looks well at the top end
I have been buying main bearing shells as they have turned up,the way my luck runs though I will have every size but what I need.

Front end looks mint Bif, what a cracking job you have made of it. ;D

This arrived from Germany yesterday

Also in from Germany is PAJ with four of the now all but unobtainable crank shells.
The current exchange rate made the shock a must buy at £320 delivered.
The wilbers guys were excellent building and setting the shock up to suit my weight and riding style.
You may also notice that it is length adjustable too all this for around the price of a hagon.
All I need is the time to get on and fit all these parts
Regards Bif

I found a new use for our biomass log drier,it turns out to be a first class paint booth.
I had the cases of the Bol soda blasted and then painted them with four coats of PJ1 satin black.

Plenty of light and temperature adjustable fab

hi bif,
that bol is going to look pretty special when its finished, the wilbers shock has been on my wish list for a few months now, but at the price you’ve paid for yours i may be able to scratch enough coins up to order one in the next few weeks, did yours come direct from wilbers, and was there any waiting time involved ?

I got it direct from wilbers on,so much cheaper than the UK site.
It arrived exactly 4 weeks from the day I ordered it,but would have saved time if I had given all the details they needed at the start.
They ask for spring colour,unit length(original),rider weight with full gear,passenger weight with gear,riding style ie touring sporty or cruising.
Really can’t wait to try it out.
Regards Bif

Cylinder heads needed 15 thou off them to get them flat again,valve seats recut and valves faced.
A good wash and all the valve gear is ready to go back in along with new valve stem oil seals.

Regards Bif

There is progress, the engine is at long last finished and fitted.
Radiators,carbs,oil cooler and exhaust on and fresh fuel in the tank,carbs primed full choke and she fired on the third turn.
So the hard work is over?No chance,I fitted a new rear tyre only to find 6mm of runout on the rim while balancing.
Rear brake was seized solid which was no biggie really as I had a rebuilt caliper ready but the disc is totally US.
The swing arm looked good from the right hand side but when I pulled the rear wheel the paint has badly bubbled on the inside edge so it had to come out.
The starter isn’t spinning the engine as fast as I would like either so the shopping list went like this
New starter from the U.S.,new disc also from the U.S. and a very clean second hand rear wheel from Germany.
Hume End is fast approaching and I still only have the most expensive pile of spares I have ever owned.
BUT it is progress,regards Bif

The holidays are over and time for action in Teambif shedquarters,although it feels like one step forward and two back.
Rear end is now complete after painting the swing arm and fitting new chain and sprockets along with a wheel new bearings disc and a rebuilt caliper.Pics will follow as time allows.
Fired her up again only to find one or more of the carbs flooding.
Carbs off and the preformed float bowl gaskets have expanded and will not fit back in the groove.
The float valve springs feel too soft so another set have been fitted (keyster)
I had bought repair kits from M+P made by Tech7,best avoided, I think the quality is very poor.
Float heights have been reset and the carbs will go back in on Friday with any luck.
I’m determined to be on this bike at Hulme End.
Regards Bif

yes bif, back to reality now the hol’s are over, i have decided i am definitely using the fe/ff project bike for hulme end, the top end is still noisy, but im just going to use it and see what happens, crazy thing is my fe is running perfect but ive just spent 2 weeks altering a vfr750 rack to fit on the fe/ff, had to cut and lower the exhaust, relocate the indicators, it looks quite good now its nearly finished.

Anyway, good luck with the bol, i look forward to seeing it at hulme end in a couple of weeks or so :o

Finished balancing the carbs tonight and took her out for a spin.
I know why I have a soft spot for these old things,buckets of easy torque and so smooth.
The new brakes will need a bit of bedding in yet but are progressive with only two fingers needed for a quick stop.
The rear needs the pedal moved up a couple of splines but works well.
The suspension is firm but not harsh,will need dialing in to be spot on,the rear is about right and the front has a touch too much preload.
I have some adjustable fork tops on the way so will live with it until they arrive.
I have the bike insured so will book an MOT for Friday
The only jobs left are to fit new O rings to the bottom of the oil cooler lines to stop the occasional drip of oil,then the lower fairing.
Regards Bif

Well here she is at long last.
MOT passed taxed and a 175 mile run today just to sort any gremlins out.

bike looks fantastic bif, a real credit to you… cant wait to see it in the flesh.

The finished job?

Regards Bif

A thing of beauty.

that looks fantastic bif, well done