project vf1000

well to start of i would like to say thankyou to bif for sorting out the purchase and pickup of our new vf1000 ( when i say new i mean new to us ). so here goes hopefully below is some pics of what me and frew168 hope to be a nice shiny vf1000 when we are looks a bit tatty at the moment but considering it is a 1985 model that has spent the last 7yr in a shed i personally think it is in very good condition.first thing is to get a battery on her and see if she runs,after that the fun starts. engine out frame cleaned up new seals ,bearings etc. basically total strip down and rebuild. in the coming months i will update progress and supply some pics along the way, and i am sure along the way there will be a few questions that need answering from all you good folk out i hope you will all enjoy following our progress.

Nice bike, and lots of cleaning/blasting/polishing/painting/plating job to do. I have done about everything to my BolD’or, only the engine is in original condition and frame has not been repainted yet. Old Lady has now 96000 km in clock, last summer I did a cultural :wink: trip in three Baltic spa towns. I have purchased a -86 R engine, and I am going to overhaul it this winter, and replace the original engine. Maybe some serious stripping down and painting the frame could be done too, we have looong winters here.

yeah lots of work ahead.we have long winters to mate there called summer over here[:)].bikes done about 33000 so not to bad for its age.

Yes I’m looking forward to getting this baby sorted and on the road! Big thanks to bif for helping us out and for the tea and ginger cake.Bike is great for her age, tea was good and cake superb!

We have at last made a start on project vf. Tank off , carbs drained, oil checked and coolant level topped up. New battery charged and fitted. Clean fresh fuel in tank and lets see what happens. Sod all. fuel not getting to carbs. Strip out fuel pump to find it is not working and sort it out. Fuel to carbs Wayhey! Decide to whip out plugs. Utter pain to get to front two. plugs are goosed so new set required. Will sort some out very soon and see what happens !