Pulling apart engine

Having a problem pulling apart an vf1000 engine.

Have unbolted all bolts, but the engine won’t pull apart between the barrel and the bottom end. I think it’s the gasket sealant someone has used?

Do anyone have a tips on getting the engine apart

Tap gently with a rubber mallet. Sometimes you need to shock things loose, as they’ll have bonded together. Don’t use a metal one obviously.

Thanks will try again tomorrow night.

The barrels on these engines are cast as part of the upper crankcase if I recall correctly?
Do you mean the cylinder heads?

I think it’s the lower part of the crankcase.Check,once more,if all the bolts have been unbolted,including those on the upper crankcase!

The crankcase part on the left.

hi craig,
same as everyone else says, make sure you’ve got all the bolts, from memory i think there is one thats easy to miss when you go in through the sump, there’s also the three screws in the bearing retaining ring located behind the clutch…
there is a prising lug next to the front left engine mount, and one at the center rear of the block just below the 4 letters stamped into the case to identify the bearing sizes,
it will probably be the gasket seal and locating dowels thats holding it…