Pulse Generator coils plus wiring Wanted

[}:)]Well after testing the electrical resistance of my H T coils

replacing my spark packs in the tail housing with good ones.

And now testing the resistance of my Pulse Generator coils

One reads 486 ohms which is perfectly within range
The other reads 60 ohms which is Faulty.
This explains why only one plug on the right was sparking


Has anyone got some they can sell me please ? For a 1984 vf1000fe.[:D]

[:(]I could not find anyone with the pulse coils in the UK
but found a set in USA for £30.00 posted[:D][:)][8D][8D][8D][8D]
Got a gasket from Honda Cost £22.50 OUCH.

Hope that does the trip Windy - such a lovely feeling when they roar on all 4 again after a misfire.

[:(]still need a set as the ones that came from the USA should read 480 Ohms
but one reads 512 ohms and the other reads 5.8 ohms which is more knackered than the ones I have.
Going to send them back next month on my hols when I visit the USA[:D]

now got a second set from a seller in the USA
reads 485 ohms each perfect
100% seller and fast

could be running again soon
better than spending £250 from honda[:)][:D][8D]

now fixed and running again
must set the spark plug gaps when i return from Topeka in July