Pyramid parts, quality or cheap crap?

Hi all, I keep seeing Pyramid parts on Ebay for all sorts of parts, fork seals, brake pads, etc etc, are they any good?
Have any of you guys had any experience with them? Any feedback?
The packaging doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover I guess.

and also Metalgear, any feedback from this brand?

I use pyramid fork seals and they work fine
probably pads are OK[:)] as well

I use their fork seals and have found them to be OK,I am a bit dubious about using bearings that are unbranded and cheap brake pads are cheap for a reason.regards BIF

Thanks guys, good to see there are no bad news stories, and bif I agree with what you said about brake pads, I will stick with known brands like EBC, Dunlopad, Gold Fren etc. No future skimping on safety items like brakes.
I have had some bad experiences with Turkish bearings in the past that I plan not to repeat.

reading the specs on the vf and is says they are best using sintered pads so put HH on mine and there is a hell of a difference , just need to find that illusive raucus sounding exhaust sytem now