Race tech springs and emulators

After our discussion on forks in Scotland I decided to go for the race tech setup. Went on their site and got details of springs FRSP S3234095 and emulators FEGV S4106 but they had no link for postage to UK so did some research and found some on Ebay in USA but with postage and import tax plus handling fee they were more expensive than some I found here. Suprisingly I found springs from a Harley Davidson shop in southport for £130 and emulators in a Sheffield race shop for £160 it may have worked out cheaper getting them from USA but I don’t think you would save much and at least I can return them if faulty and delivery is only 4 days not several weeks. Next thing I need to sort is fork oil, I was a bit lubricated myself when this conversation happened so cant remember what weight oil bif recommended though I think it was 15w also how many preload spacers are needed and how many holes need drilling in damping rod and how to remove anti dive and also I seem to remember you said a hole needed blocking off but cant remember which one! Thanks in advance.


I’m sure that was 15w Strongbow you were on Gary.
Do a search on Race tech’s site as they have detailed fitting instructions for our forks.From memory it’s listed under the emulators
Regards Bif