Radiator hoses.

Having been laid low by a snapped water pump bolt, I’m doing a few other jobs and want to replace all the knackered / rock hard hoses. Is there anywhere that does silicone kits for 1000ff’s ? Otherwise I assume it’s CMSNL or David Silver for standard ones ?

I’m not aware of anyone offering a kit that is specific to the VF,there are however plenty of suppliers on eBay that have just about every bend and size combination imaginable.
For example,on the 500 I am working on I ended up with a mismatch between the water pipes on the heads (16mm) and the later model thermostat housing(19mm).
Just to complicate matters there is a 90 degree bend in the pipe after it exits the thermostat housing,BUT I found silicon pipes with 90 bend that stepped from 19mm down to 16mm.
With a bit of time and plenty of Aluminium tube to replace the straight sections,who knows,maybe you will be offering a kit here on the Forum.
Regards Bif

David Silver have started working with Samco to make silicon hose sets for bikes. I’ve just sent them a VF1000RE set and a VF1000RF/RG set to send to Samco as patterns. Not sure how long the process will take, but eventually we should have silicon hoses sets for the VF1000Rs. Not sure whether that will help on the VF1000Fs, though.