RE and FE rear shock

Hi all,
just wondering if anyone has any info on the vf1000re rear shock,will it fit an fe, Is it the same length as the fe, and does it have the same mounting bolt sizes ect?

Sorry Pete, as you know I could tell you the FE details but not the RE

RE shock is a straight swap for the FE one,we swapped them over on Petes FE mainly due to the R only having 16000 miles on it.I can’t say I felt any great improvement only better damping due to the low miles
Firefox have YSS units for sale at £260 from memory,one of those for anF2 fitted to an FE would make a whole lot of difference
Regards Bif

hi marmite, bif,
thanks for the info,

yes ive seen the yss shocks listed on ebay at £260ish, that’s what prompted me to ask the question, i think i will be having an RE one for the FE, with me only having short legs i think the ff shock with the standard tyre sizes will be a little high for me, the project ff/fe bike is quite a stretch even with the lower profiled tyres fitted…

I need to keep in mind that not everyone has a 35" inside leg.
Great for riding big bikes,rubbish when buying trousers!
Regards Bif

Bif, don’t tell Pete, but the lord is supposed to have made people with long legs so their “assets” didn’t scrape along the ground ( if you know what I mean) Of course the same is true in reverse. :o

I have a joke 'bout girls, God & snails but I’ll keep it for our next meeting… :-X