Rear number plate bracket

Does anyone have a spare rear number plate bracket they would like to sell, I’ve just realised mine has been cut down at some time in the past.

Honda part number: 84701-MB6-670


G’day Planty

Yep i have a spare one if ya interested , you wouldn’t have any front discs would ya mine are bent ?

G’day Bluey,

Yep put my name on it!

I do have a set of spare front discs, not bent but a bit rough and near lower wear limit, you could give them a clean up on the lathe though ??

Hey Planty

Yep yep i too are interested in your discs , we will have to do a deal !

Did you see on e-bay the other week there was a 1000r for auction with 3 days to go it was on $360 (it had thrown a leg out of bed) then it disappeared !

Sounds good, my email address is

We can work out the details.

I did see that one, also there was another R that a guy had partly stripped and was going to change the wheels over to a larger type, that was $3500 with a pile of spare bits…that didn’t last long either!

I don’t know why I look at them, as if I need another one to do up!

Hey Planty

I sent ya an e-mail did ya get? , I’m not the best with computers !

No nothing, what’s your email address and I’ll send you one.

OK Planty

Mine is give that a whirl !