Rebuild spares left

I have taken photos of the bits left over any questions on bits in the photos E mail me and if you can make a reasonable offer for the parts as this was a project that I took on for my poor mate Scatcher who past away with cancer so any of the money raised will go to the completion of the bike ie paint work.

I am not sure what his widow is going to do with it she is unsure but does any one know what it would be worth to sell and anyone that would buy it and I could pass it on.

Anyway here are the photos and let me appogise for the size of them because I cannot seem to set them to the right size for this

Sensible offers contact me through here and will try to get them posted out if you want to collect you can I live 7 miles from jcn 30 on the M25.

I know a lot of bits are very hard to come across but will try to help were ever I can.

Thanks guys

Hi Mick,in pic four there is a double gear in the box.I would be happy to pay £25 for it.Contact me if that is acceptable.regards BIF

Bif sent you an E mail via forum


Need a side panel or two and the tail to Finnish my bike

sent an email but no reply

Sorry M8 returned the bike to Chrises widow with all the bits and I forwarded the E mail to her I will try and get in touch for you.


got an email from Lisa
Have negotiated a deal I hope
Will keep her on my files for future parts