I suspect the reg / rec on the yellow beast of awesomeness as eaten itself ( getting it tested tomorrow). Was looking at replacing during winter refresh anyway. What’s the best bet for replacement ? Something from a newer bike or is their an aftermarket one ?
Any other electrical upgrades I should be looking at whilst I’m up to my elbows in wires. Got a whole heap of connectors and bodges to work through so I might as well do the job right through.

Here we go, courtesy of David Silvers UK:
OEM replacement, up-rated and better cooled.

:-[ First place I looked. Clearly I didn’t look hard enough. Many thanks.

No worries!

I too am middle-aged and a bit shortsighted* and often have similar results when looking for things.

Now, what did I come in for again?


*Other stereotypes are available.

On this subject I should have posted a lot sooner. Having read a lot about reg/recs failing regularly on older bikes and Hondas in particular (even far more modern machines like Blackbirds) I was pleased to see an article in the Practicle Sportsbike Magazine by a Motorcycle Electrician. His advice is to wire the live Straight to the battery via a 30 amp inline fuse and also wire the earth direct to the battery negative. I have carried out this mod to my Bol D’Or and another VF1000FE as well as my mates Blackbird. It seems to make them far less likely to fail.
On the VF it is a simple matter cutting the two red/white wires that are on the six way Reg/Rec plug and connecting them to the Battery positive with a 30 amp inline fuse. The two green wires can be T-ed into and connected to the battery negative. Dont forget to insulate the cut off red/white wires as they will still be live. they are fed from the sstarter relay. You could actually disconnect them there if you wanted to.
This is a really worthwhile mod .

Did the article explain why that would work? I had a look at my VF500 wiring diagram which I expect is not far off, and by connecting the live to the battery you are just circumventing a fuse in the starter relay. The earth I can see could result in a more direct route back to the battery. Was that the jist of it? Just shorter cable runs to reduce the voltage drop and make it easier on the reg/rect/ I am no electrician btw, just interested.

Basically cutting out unnecessary connections and possible Problem points. A lot of bike electricians like the earth paths more direct and as the earth points are more exposed on a bike it gives more chance of corrosion. Good quality cabling will help too.

Thanks for the pointers. I’ll have a look at the wiring mods, I have got to have a general tidy up as there is the usual rats nest of dodgy connectors and insulating tape.
I checked with David Silver and the reg / rec is no longer available, I have the part number so can search usual places but is there anything available from a more modern bike that will fit ?