Removing speedo needle?

Gooday All,
I`m changing over the speedo on my F. I stupidly tried to clean the face of the speedo with methylated spirits which removed some of the paint marking. I want to swap the dial face between speedos- how do I safely remove the needle?
I’ve tried gently prying, but no luck- is there a trick to it?

I`ve just seen a Youtube vid showing two small spoons being used to lift the needle off- anyone tried this trick?

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What you have to be aware of: There is a spring, that turns back the needle. If you don’t fix the axle, it will be difficult to put it back in the right position.

Before you start,gently lift the needle over the needle stop pin then mark where it sits.There is preload on the return spring and this removes it.
The two spoons method works but takes a fair bit of effort,the little beggar is a tight fit.
When replacing the needle be sure it points to the mark you made then lift back over the stop pin
Regards Bif

Thanks Faxe and Bif,
saved my arse again from another potential stuff up. Bif- if its preload- I shoulf try to find somewhere I can mark the shaft or mechanism somewhere to get the preload right? but I get the idea now, and will get back in the shed tonight with 2 teaspoons.
Thanks both of you!

Thanks men, successfully swapped over the good needle to the good speedo, works well now!
As you suggested pulling the needle backwards over the stop pin, and marked the relative positions so I could refit correctly. No just need a bit of tome away from bushfires so I can ride what`s shaping up to be a great old bike again!