reply to planty

G’day planty good to hear from you, i was begining to think apart from scratcher that i was the only one on the site ,not muuch talking going on must all be busy working on thier bikes .
Yeah i’m from South Australia also, down in Mount Gambier .Bloody basket cases i tell never again and these VF,s not the easiest things to work on , like i said just got mine going but it,s starting to get too cold to ride (besides might get it dirty or scratch it) still gotta get it registered yet you know R.T.A and all that shit, betta stop dribbling thanks for the reply.
Also thanks to SCRATCHER for the welcome note.

I’m up in Port Augusta,I seem to spend heaps of time waiting for parts to arrive with mine, nearly two months waiting for an oil mod kit now!

I’m hoping to get mine going around September but as you say I’ll probably be to worried about scratching it to go for a ride.[:D]

The list is fairly quiet, but does get going now and then.


Guys, if it makes you feel any better, I bought mine as a complete, but tatty runner(of sorts)back in December 2006!! Since then it has been stripped down to the last nut and bolt, then been on hold while I built a new clean and dry workshop in which to rebuild it! Now things are moving with parts and work getting done as soon as the cash is available, but I reckon I’m still another year away from completing her restoration. But I can’t wait to see how she turns out! As my old Dad used to say, if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing right!