Restarting when engines warm

Hi ,this problems been coming worse over recent months…Bike starts fine when cold but after 5 miles or 100miles its almost impossible to get the engine to fire up, starter turns over as normal, only by waiting 5/10 minutes, then applying choke and throttle combinations eventually will it fire up…….tanks clean , fuel delivery is good from pump, carb bowl levels been set a bit higher……….its a real issue at service stations after refuelling…thoughts are that heat from engine block is affecting carbs in some way…………any ideas please

I would say check your charging system.
I had an issue where at start up, until full heat-soak, everything looked good, but the stator was borked.

As it got fully heat soaked the charging dropped way off till it wouldn’t bear the load and even cut out at the traffic lights.

Get it started, run it right up till the fan comes on and then check the voltage across the battery. If it is anything less than 13V, I;'d look at the stator and the reg/reg, as it could be either. Check that the reg/rec is not getting too hot. Look at its connector block to the stator for scorching or melting.