Riding Baggage Recommendations?

Hi All!

Well, I’m taking my 1984 VF1000F across the continent. Going from Toronto to Vancouver via the US Interstates, visiting my bestie, then taking the coastal highway all the way down to San Diego.

Sounds like it’s time for me to buy a set of riding luggage, so I thought I’d reach out to you guys for ideas on what has worked well for you. I know not all luggage fits equally well.

Thinking for a 7000 K trip, I’ll need the full deal. Saddle bag, tail bag, tank bag. Waterproof would be nice, just in case. Haven’t decided on hard or soft or anything. The Ogio stuff looks nice, to be sure. But yeah.

Any suggestions, recommendations, horror stories with luggage on an 84 VF1000F?


Hi there
You should introduce your self on the us board v4hondabbs.com if you haven´t already done thatthe fellows there are great and have helped many others.
They would probably love to hear of your trip and meet up with you if it is possible.

My riding baggage recommendations? Leave the wife at home…

Damn, I tried registering on v4hondabbs.com, and all that happened was I got a message saying I wasn’t allowed to register on that forum.

Also, there’s no way I’m riding 7000 clicks being tied down with that kind of baggage, PAJ. Haha.