right hand side panel wanted

black upper and lower cherry red with a white stripe needed

Anyone got a spare one they would sell Me

to complete my bike please


Is this what you are after?
I have found this site helpful in the past.

would be perfect ,as normal a ton of money from Germany and dont know haw to contact the seller
will have to look more local

thanks for the input


I might well have a panel I’ll check this pm.
However, if I have one in garage you’d have to tempt with an offer because my bike is red and I sort of want to keep it as spare for myself !!
Will try and get back online later.


David Silver have three red FE panels in stock at £39.00 each, may be worth a call to see if they are right for you.

have contact the seller in Germany and he is selling it to me for £67.00

Cheers for all the help
best forum in the web 100%[:D]