Anyone else watch the Sepang Moto GP yesterday ? What did you make of Rossi’s antics ? My take is that he’s got himself so desperate to win thus final world championship that its effected his head. He seems to see Marcquez as a pesky fly who was getting in his way ( metaphorically and literally) Its so sad that the “aliens” who idolised him as youngsters are now seeing him in a very different light - and not for the better. Mind you F1 car drivers have been behaving like this for years.

I’m still a member of the Doctor’s fan club! Marquez was clearly trying to slow him and should have been black flagged even since the Phillip Island race. But Marquez is spanish as well as Lorenzo, Pedrosa and the DORNA…

Hi Martin, have a look at Marqez’s Facebook page…

I choose this one wich is one of the softest :

Tadej Škofič Marc … go shave your pussy , Jorge is waiting !!!

Just a very slow motion of the issue :

Marquez is just a liard, shame on him!

It’s a shame and can’t condone what Rossi did, but I can certainly understand his frustration.
The next round should be interesting Spain vs Italy.
What’s the odds on one of the Italians taking out Lorenzo.
Lorenzo should have stayed out of it and let race control do their job, Yamaha are proberly not over impressed with his post race comments and rants.
What’s the chances of the back to middle of the grid parting like the red sea to let the goat through.

Rossi had the racing line,Marquez had a choice either to back off or be run wide,he chose to tough it out and came off in the process.The boy dropped back just to block Rossi,it’s not my idea of racing.
I’m a Honda man through and through but think Rossi deserves a real race to finish the season.
If you have stood on the grid and looked from front row to back there has to be several tenths in the distance alone,then he has to get past Marquez before he can even start to race.
I’m not sure he will even start,I don’t think I would
Regards Bif