Running Problems

Hi… I have a 84 1000fe which I have owned for 9 years, in that time it has run perfectly and not missed a beat… been serviced regularly and had new plugs…air and fuel filter beginning of this year, since that service I have been out for 2 average runs of about 50 miles each… with it running as it always has
On the 3rd run of the year. I did about 15 miles and stopped for about an hour and restarted to come home… about 3 miles in. it started to lose power but kept running as I went down the gears… when I stopped it wouldn’t tick over but I could restart it and keep it going with higher revs… managed to do another couple of miles and just lost power till it stopped.
No odd engine noises or smoke but wouldn’t start again… left it for 10 mins and it restarted and managed 2 more miles running a bit rough but no power lose… got it to a friends house.
Next day it started first time and ticked over fine but once above 3 grand there was a constant backfire…wondering if anyone has any ideas?

Thinking maybe coils or spark units??

Thanks in advance

Start with the fuel
I have the same one had to rebuild the carbs and fuel system
done all the suspension,coils still original but i had to rebuild the pulse coils by joining two looms together because they are impossible to find.
start by checking the fuel pump,join the relay and listen for clicking sound to confirm the pump is working

Hi and welcome to the forum.This sounds like either the pick ups or igniter units.I would follow the instructions in the manual and test the pick ups first then the coils(all readings can be found in your manual)which would isolate the igniter units as the problem
Best regards Bif

Similar happened to me, as i travelled down a newly gritted road. It managed to, eventually start and just got me home. I found the grit had hit the fuel pump connection, and made it intermittently run. I would check the connections, as, the passing years produce resistance in the bikes connections.

Hi there seems to be a familiar thing this my VF1000FE 1984 it stood for some time the fired up ran for some months and with out warning and despite all good suggestions i had previously checked fuel and ignition circuits only to find the actual ignition switch was faulty and then multi connectors to the ignition box in the tail has come loose as well - hope its that simple. then i found out the charging circuit was duff because the rectifier connector had well rotted or got plastic cancer - then a new battery failed - then i had a hot start issue - where did all theses problems come from ?

Simply age the beast was old so as a matter of course i checked every thing and if it looked iffy or shown ware or tested as not so good it got replaced - starter solenoid starter motor bushes - new rectifier new battery - new bulbs and fuses all fluids - all filters and now reliable ??? at least i know what its not even if i never new what it was upset about. Just TLC and tons of it and for now it is happy ? well fires up run and goes as if there was never any issues.

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