Running very hot

So my 84 VF1000F seems to run really hot. I put a new thermostat in that matches the stock spec. And I cleaned out my system with a coolant flush. But it still runs really hot, as in the gauge goes almost all the way to H most of the time.

The fans do kick in when the temp gauge gets very hot.

I’m wondering if the temp sensor on the top radiator is not registering properly. And what can I use to check the temp of the fluid? I do have a laser temp gauge.

What is a replacement for the upper radiator sensor temperature?

Hi, check your oil pressure at the oil sending unit location, u could be running hot due to low pressure. (low pressure more friction) U should be running about 40 psi at idle and around 77 psi at 5k rpm. if pressure is low drop oil pan and clean oil screen. Mack2u2 USA

Hi, Check also your water pump. Check the impeller, housing for wear. At least check the air flow through the radiators.