School bike engine

Luck is somthing I am usually critically short of.
However while scanning eBay last week I spotted an engine advertised as a VF1000F.
In one of the pictures I noticed a drilling at the base of the vee only just visible under the chrome water pipe that sits across the barrels.
I was convinced this was actually an R
To cut a long story boring I got it for £160 and it is indeed an R,better still it came from a college that trained motorcycle mechanics.
This engine has never been run or fitted in a bike,the seller also produced a set of brand new carbs which were added to the sale for £80.
Hiding in the corner was another V4 this time a 500 same deal as the R and guess what,he also had the carbs again brand new.
£100 changed hands and I came back to shedquarters with twice as much as I had gone to collect.
I’m in the process of assembling the 500 so think the new motor and carbs will replace the 35k mile originals
Let the fun begin
Regards Bif

yes bif,
i had been watching it for about 3 days and thought i was going to nick it cheep, i was a little dubious as to weather it was complete or not as the bolts that hold the cam gear in were missing, in the end i didn’t bid, it stood at £50 on the morning of the last day, then at about 1.00pm-ish when i logged in it had gone past the £120 which i was going to bid,
Anyhow, im happy you got it bif, if i had won it i would have been over the moon, but in reality i haven’t anything to put it in and dont feel like starting another ground up build, my bank manager would have something to say about that, whereas i think you may have something lurking in the shed that it would fit into rather nicely…

just slightly envious,

You clearly have more luck than me. So far every damned thing I have got from ebay has been naff and faulty .

I’m just a jealous guy…

well done bif i bid to £150 then stopped glad you got it mate dont feel so cheesed off now i know it went to a good home

Cheers Paul,it will be interesting to see exactly how good the internals are,looks like the students struggled with the detent roller spring on the selector drum,nothing broken but badly marked up the inside of the casing.
The cams and top end are first class tho,so i dont think I can go too far wrong at the price.
I have put it away for now so I can concentrate on getting the 500 finished and make some space in the garage
Regards Bif