Scotland bash 2019


The dates for the Scottish bash this year are 10th May to 13th.
Please confirm your interest asap as accommodation is dissapearing fast.
The route will be confirmed once we have fixed numbers and accommodation to suit
Regards Bif


Hi Bif
Oh yes count me in:grin::grin::grin:


Count me in bif :+1:


Count me in too.


No problem,Johnboy and Graham are both in too,I know Phil was ok for Ireland so will include him,as long as I can cancel any rooms we don’t need.
Watch this space for updates
Regards Bif


So hotels sorted and a route planned,it’s mostly west coast but takes in so less well used roads.Interesting sights to include Glenfinnan monument and viaduct,Dolphins in loch Sunnart,and the steam ship Sir Walter Scott on loch Katrine.Worth googling to see how they got it there.B+B at the hotels which also have a restaurant and bar.
Final night is in Callander at a guest house but plenty of eateries and drinkeries within easy walking distance.
Twin rooms with proper beds at all properties.
All I need to do is sort out which bike to bring
Regards Bif


So I have just gotten off the phone with Bif and have a fair idea of the route. Looks great and I am really looking forward to getting my Bol d’Or ready for the trip.
Missed getting out with you all for Hulme End so I am chomping at the bit to get on some great roads with some good company followed by food and beer.
I will be doing the satnav route thing in due course.
Regards, John


Top work bif and john, all i need to do is get a bike running, its unbelievable, six bikes in my garage and not one i can start up and ride, at least my vans running now so if all else fails :joy:


Sounds good bill. Just get the old girl checked over and time to play again. Lol


Costs for each night as follows £43.50 for Friday,£39.00 Saturday and £40 Sunday.
Proper beds and a breakfast.
It will be a month before this hits my card,I would appreciate everyone squaring up when the bill arrives.
Best regards Bif


OK guys ,here is the link for day one of the trip (proposed).
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Please let me know if this is ok with everyone
This day two 11/5/2019
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Day Three 12/5/2019
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And finally the last leg(proposed only)
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Van is a good idea for the breakdowns. Thanks pete


money sent bif, cheers, :+1:
thanks for sorting the maps john, will down load shortly,:+1:
graham, maybe I should get a camper van complete with bike trailer, then I could be just like marmite :grin::grin:


Hi bif,
message sent to you


Hi Bif,are the prices quoted for the room,or for each person as the missus fancies the trip,and any accommodation left,cheers Graham.


Best to contact the accommodation it is
Friday 10th at the Lochgair Hotel PA31 8SA
Saturday 11th Croit Anna Hotel PH33 6RR
Sunday 12th Highland Guest House FK17 8BN
Johnboy has posted the route on myroute-app just ask to join the group.
MacDonalds Grearshill Carlisle at 11.00 is the meet up point for all the lads south of hadrians wall with an entertaining ride to our first nights accommodation.
A short ferry crossing is required Friday as well as Saturday but all adds to the adventure
Regards Bif