Scouting for the German trip


In truth I don’t know what to include it’s all worth seeing,
From down at loreley on the Rhine
To the Nurburgring
Teambif are working on it you can be assured
Regards Bif
ps.Photos by Chrissy


Great stuff bif, it will be good to take the band wagon to germany, hopefully we will get chance to have a plod around the nurburgring, and catch up with Peter, the other half of teambif :+1:


Here is The Master @bif on his old Silver/Black FE, what I wouldn’t give for just 1% of his genius… :smile: image


Hi Peter, you’ve just reminded me how much I miss my black and silver fe, at the moment it’s in storage as I’ve run out of garage space, will have to get that back in use next year…


The FE is a real credit to you mate,it always looks the part.
Looking forward to a weekend of garage fun German style(If they don’t lock me up as soon as I get off the plane that is)when I come over in the spring.
I either need to ship a pallet over or I need a bigger suitcase for the goodies we have to fit
Ps It rides as good as it looks


If you need a maintenance stop near the “Ruhrgebiet” you can call me :wink: Also have some spare parts for urgent needs available.

A nice area for a tour is east of A45 / south of A44 motorway called “Sauerland”.

Now I have to find the oil leak somehere from oil cooler or pipes :frowning:.


Will keep you in mind faxe :+1: