Seal for fuel cap

Yes it’s quite easy to replace, if you search the site there is a tutorial on how to do it. Basically you buy a cheap Chinese fuel cap and remove the seal and replace the o ring in the locking mechanism.


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Hi Gary,
Just following on from your experiences with the VF fuel cap and seal replacement. With the seal and the gold retaining ring out would you be able to access and disassemble the rest of the cap?
The reason I ask is this… The top of my original cap is in poor condition, the black chrome is pitted and has shallow dents in.
I have another VF cap which has a really nice condition top. If possible I’d like to fit the original locking mech into the nicer condition outer. Hope that makes sense…
Ps. Do you have any left over Chinese rubber seals?
Many thanks and kind regards

I don’t think I have any left, will look tomorrow and let you know or post a link to the caps I purchased. I think Vfpete was talking about taking caps apart and that you can remove the outer skin and take the lock out. I know you can’t get at the lock from underneath so it stands to reason that you must do it from the top.

Thank you, that’s helpful…
I did try and peel the outer off of an old cap I had but it felt as though it would cause too much damage in doing so…

The hardest part or removing the outer is removing the sliding escutcheon, I snapped mine because I didn’t have the correct tool, you need something like car trim removers so it puls it out straight, once that’s out you can peel the black chrome outer off, it’s only crimped on, the lock barrel will practically fall out then… for people with caps that are locked shut on a tank, below the lock barrel is a slot, just turn it with a slotted screw driver and it will open…

Thanks Pete,
So the rotating/sliding lock cover on top pulls directly up and out?

After you re assembled did the outer cover fit snugly back on the inner body?

Hi, I only have one left and need that one but I think these are the same.

The person I got mine off is no longer trading on Ebay but these appear to be the same cap and also from China though postage was pretty quick. I thought it was vfpete who had said how to strip cap though it was on our Welsh weekend ride out and by that time on Friday night everything blurred into one so it could have been anyone!

Hi, yes it fitted back nicley

They did increase the price … When I bought them, they were less than half.

Yes, when I bought them they were £6 / €8 each.

Apologies to re awaken this thread. I have a VF1000RE and my fuel cap seems to be leaking through where the key goes into the cap. When I pull the key out of the cap it is wet and smells of petrol. Will changing the seal from the Chinese caps solve this or is there another seal I need to find?
Thanks in advance for any help

It will not solve this and there is no other seal :roll_eyes:

There is a “one-way” air valve as far as I remember. To let air into the tank.

Dismantling the cheap chinese cap to release the rubber seal and fit it to the original cap worked twice for me Faxe, instructions on this site above by Gazb.

Thanks for the responses, the large rubber seal looks ok to me and quite soft, the fuel seems to be coming out the key slot & the key is wet & smells of petrol when I take it out the slot…would this be down to the one way air valve mentioned by Faxe? Does this have a seal or is it interchangeable?

The one way valve is accessible from the underside of the cap, it’s under the round black plastic piece in the centre.
There is a thread here on cleaning and replacing the Oring

Thanks for this, I have spent an age looking for this tutorial on changing o ring on the one way valve but can’t find it. Is there a special section for tutorials as when I search for “fuel cap o ring” or “fuel cap one way valve” nothing comes up?

Well here is a run through for you,
Remove the cap,try blowing gently through the black centre piece.
If you can’t that’s good,try sucking,you should hear a click and draw air in.
That’s the one way valve working as it should,if you can blow through it a thorough clean is required.

The other possibility is fuel getting past the Oring
you can see it in the next picture

I use a 15x2 Oring and silicone grease here
the valve does come apart and has 3 parts
the clear disc is the valve itself

Thanks Bif that is really very helpful, I assume you just lever the valve upwards to remove.
I will try this as soon as I find an appropriate o ring.
Thanks again

Yes the valve levers out,the top cap may come off as you do this,it did on one of mine.
I took the clear disc out and used a seal pick through the centre hole to pull the body out of the cap