Selling 2 VFs, Trailer, and Shop stand--- East Coast USA

So I’ve been noticing that riding the VF is starting to affect my neck and shoulders the same way (maybe a little worse) than my 990SD. Guess I’m really starting to age out (just turned 73) of the riding position. I guess it’s adv, dirt, and s-m bikes from here on out.

I have a pretty decent 1984 VF1000 with a bit over 40,000 mile that I’ve owned for a few years and runs fine except that’s it’s been “ticking” for the past 7,000 miles (bit over the past year). It looks like the plating has come off the rear cylinder camshaft. With earplugs/music, you don’t hear it lol.

I also have a 1 owner 16.000 mile VF with fresh paint/new decals that I’ve been getting back on the road (it was off the road for many years- owner had an industrial accident). Pretty much done-- just need to finish up the front brakes. The problem is that I’ve kind of lost interest in completing it.

So---- I’m offering both of the VFs described along with 3 30 gallon containers of extra parts from a VF I bought for parts (mainly the Boomerang wheels) a few years ago for $3,500. Pretty much spare everything except the motor (used by a friend).

What’s that you say? Sounds good, but you don’t have a trailer? For an extra $600, I’ll include a Kendon Stand-Up trailer (including the pretty rare storage container that you can mount on the front).

Both have nice upgrades, powdercoating, one has a Yosh exhause, etc…

Wow, you might say, that really sounds good- if only I had a motorcycle work platform. Well, for another $200, I’ll include a Kendon motorcycle lift

If anyone is seriously interested I’ll provide all the information/pics desired.

There’s a lot of value here for the DIY’er


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