Should I take the leap?

First of all, I’m new here…Hello All! Thanks for having me. I have come across a 1984 VF1000 Interceptor that appears to be (in photos so far) in perfect shape. New tires, chain and sprockets. I mean it looks GREAT in pics. It has 33,500 miles on it. Allegedly it runs perfectly, too. Assuming it is this good in person, what would it be worth? Well, I’ll go ahead and spill the beans…I can get it for $1200! Sounds like a deal to me…I mean, if it doesn’t run I can sell it for scrap and not have lost everything, right?

What do you guys think?

It sonds about going rate i have bought two Bol d or VF1000 in last 12 months one at 950 sterling and another tatty one at 650 stirling both wrer up and running good and both on road.They are great bikes s im sure you will enjoy,but listen to top end should not be noisy.
Welcomr to the elite.

I would make sure you warm the engine,check the temp and fuel gages work.
hopefully no rattles in the engine

if the rest of it is good buy it for less money as the owner knows money is tight.

Once you get it home change the oil and filter,and air filter and plugs.

Fit a Dave dodge oil kit as insurance to keep the engine perfect like my bike.
Check out my instructions on this forum with pictures

in summer you will have loads of fun welcome member post pictures when you get it if you need help contact me