Side Cover grommets

Hi all, I have been looking for the rubber grommets on the lower hole in the side covers on my VF1000FF, no luck with David Silver, tried googling the part number with no luck, does anyone here know of an alternate part from another bike that fits and is available?
Mine were quite hard and would not come off in one piece, even with some hot water.

You can download parts fiche from the main page The parts fiche makes life much easier. Another possibility is to visit :s parts listings, their pages are very useful, although prices are often scary.

Hi Pekka, I should have mentioned that I have checked most sites such as cmsnl, David Silver etc and the part number (from the parts fiche) keeps coming up as “No longer available”. Just a small oversight on my part!
Thanks for the help, Tony

Oops, sorry for misunderstanding (“googling the part number”). It might be very possible, that the part is really no more available. Honda used same part number for same part, no matter in which bike it fits. The three central marks (like MB6) indicate the bike, where the part was used first time. For example the parts number (44650-MB0-325) for front wheel of -82 VF 750S, -85 VF1100S and CB1100F is same. Since it was first time used in 705S, the central digits are MB0. But this does not help you to find the grommets anyway, sorry. What is the part number you are looking for ?

Hi Pekka, the part number is 83604-mb6-630

Ohh, THOSE ones. Next to impossible in my opinion, unless you are very lucky. These were probably used only in -85 and -86 FF:s and BolD’ors.
They are actually black plastic, not rubber, and they could be fabricated in nylon, if somebody can use a lathe well. I can send you measures and photos, if you are interested how they look. Found originals some years ago : )

Pekka, you are a saviour. I just thought they were rubber that had gone hard over the years, I had no idea they were plastic! I have a lathe and plenty of nylon…so it looks like I will be spinning some up.