single silencer

i know its been mentioned on here before, but did anyone ever get round to running there vf on just one tail pipe from the collector box, and the other outlet blocked off,
a nice sporty pipe designed for a 4 into 1 system would look good,

Pete, I haven’t run one muffler from the collector box, but I did fit a RHS CBR1100XX muffler to the end of the four-into-one on my bike for registration inspections, and while it is whisper quiet, after about 6-8 minutes idling with the occasional rev, the forward section of the pipe starts to glow cherry red!
Luckily the inspectors only run them for 30 seconds or so.
I don’t know if your bike would do this too, but it seemed that the restriction caused mine to do it so maybe yours could too?

hi tony,
somehow i missed your posting, although everybody seams to revel in the sound of the VF’s, i wouldn’t mind mine being a little quieter, from what you’ve said i think that its probably not going to be a good idea, will probably look around for a couple of half reasonable silencers, i’m hoping to get the project bike on the road for spring so ive got another 5 or 6 months to sort something.
thanks again tony.

Spring ??? Its GOT to be ready for the end of May when we go to France to meet Fred and his mob ! - I suppose that is Spring to the northern hemisphere

Don’t panic captain Mainwaring… 20th march is the official first day of spring, i’m hoping to be up and running for beginning of April…

Pete, my cherry red exhaust could be caused by internal back pressure in the muffler itself, it is whisper quiet after all so there must be plenty of baffling/restriction in there.
I should try to open it up a little to see if the problem persists.