Slightly warmer camshafts

Finally contacted Phil Joy engineering and had a chat with the man himself regarding a slightly hotter camshaft.
The ever elusive Dale Walker in the US lists a modified profile giving 12 degrees extra endurance and 20thou more lift.
I mentioned this as a starting point to see how much how long and how difficult this would be.
£60 per cam about 2weeks at this time of year and easy as.
It would seem that it’s a case of grinding the base circle down by 20 thou and blending the on and off ramps.
This profile will boost midrange performance rather than top end which should be of use on a road bike.
I am going to be changing the valve stem seals for which I need to remove the cams anyway so I’m going to give it a go.
I will need a set of slotted sprockets to get the timing bang on too,interesting methinks
Regards Bif

Hi bif.
Yes very interesting… can he do the slotted cam sprockets as well…

In truth I didn’t ask Pete,I have a local guy who does this sort of stuff and all my stainless work too.
Regards Bif

Very interesting! What about the thermic treatment?

Mr Joy described these cams as being made from chilled steel and as such are tough rather than hard.He did not indicate any process other than the grinding would be required.
The rocker ratio of 1.2 to 1 also means the extra lift at the valve would actually be 24thou
Regards Bif

Well true to form for anyone doing anything for us motorcycling types,Mr Joy has as yet not got to my cams.
“I won’t manage them this week, but I promise to do them next week.”
I think I may hear this a few times before I get them back.
The slotted sprockets are here and waiting,I just need to wrap my head around the lobe centre method for timing the cams in.
Regards Bif

mmm yes, I think he does have a reputation for being a tad on the slow side, but not nearly as slow as my new pc, windows 10, quite simply…the worst operating system ever invented… I feel an almighty rant coming on but I haven’t the time as ive had to wait 30 mins for my computer to update when I switched it on… what ever happened to updating when you switched off…
Anyway, apologies for going off piste, at least its not SEP Kegworth, there 3 weeks turned into 13 weeks, was told they were ready, went to pick them up the following day only to find they were “apparently” just working on them, the guy said call back in 45 mins, so I did, he was just finishing them off… and that’s probably why those cams are now sat on a shelf in my garage, because the base circles were ground wrong making it impossible to set the clearances…probably through rushing…
hope this cheers you up bif

Im lying in bed with a detached retina (no - that’s an eye problem Pete, not what you’re thinking) and enjoying reading this even though its through a remaining squinted eye.

Sounds interesting Biff and certainly worth the “boundary pushing” to try and learn more. Incidentally, I finally succumbed to the white smoke exhaust from my 500 and currently have the engine on the bench with the heads off. This was before the eye issue and probably helped create it as they were out on stalks trying to manhandle it.
Looks possible the front left ( nos 2 cyl) was the culprit but its not obvious. The better signs were the bores which still show strong signs of cross hatching from the previous owner. Ive ordered two new head gaskets from a company called Raw Power who had them on the shelf and free postage. The same price as Wemoto but without free P&P and only made to order. Dave Silver or Lings werent showing any at all.

Hi Martin. …
Sorry to hear about your failing vision…but looking on the bright side it won’t affect the way you ride the vf… I swear in scotland you had both eyes closed every time you overtook me ;D…
And speaking of Scotland. . You only have 5 months to sort the vf1000 out…top tip… if you go for a full strip down. Chock the bike up on blocks under its oil pan, then dismantle the bike from around the engine, same with reassembly because there’s one thing for sure… The vf1k engine will be a whole heap heavier than the 500…
Good luck martin… stop lazing around in bed and get some work done ;D ;D :wink:

Thanks Pete. Please remind me when the Scottish trip is. I’ve got a horrible feeling its on the May / June bank holiday ? If it is, that’s why you haven’t heard from me about it. Ive booked the MC Piston Rally held by the vintage Spanish mcc (pre '95 bikes) You turn up on the quay at Santander and for the next 5 days they take care of everything - accommodation, meals and the rides out. Its not cheap but what with the 24 hr sailing down and back with mates and the fabulous Picos National Park to meander through its well worth it.

P.S. I’ll be at the Bristol Classic Show in Shepton Mallet in Feb if anyone else is thinking of going.

Hi Martin.
The Scotland trip is April 28th to may 1st… which for us English is the first bank holiday weekend… there’s a posting in events and meets titled “scotland 2017”…

Sorry hearing 'bout your vision issue, Martin! Hope you’ll get well soon and recover a hawk eye vision!

Thanks Fred, not sure about “Hawk Eye” - more like Mr Mole.

Thanks also to Pete, got a [size=10pt]poxy wedding to go to on the Saturday. Guess where I’d MUCH rather be.

downer martin…

The cams are ready!
My now weekly phone call had a positive outcome when Mr Joy announced "yeh they are done,I’m just waiting for payment.
No card facility so a cheque has been dispatched.
I’ve been reading up on the lobe centre method of degreeing the cams in.
I will check the standard cams out first before fitting the modified ones.
I think it would be interesting to see how accurate the timing is.
Regards Bif

Well they finally arrived today,that’s a whole month from finishing to me actually receiving them!
The finish however is second to none(pics to follow as I’m away for a few days)I think they will be a massive improvement on SEPs handy work on Pete’s cams.
The cams had a few pits here and there but have been returned absolutely gleaming and pit free.
Can’t wait to get them on the bike and timed up
Regards Bif