sloppy gear box

sloppy gears the foot lever seems to waggle about and finding gears is getting far from easy and the lever is too low in first so something is wrong , I am guessing its a major task to sort out th egear box so the next question has to be where can I get it fixed.
If I had someone working with me who knew how to do it I would tackly the job myself but left to my own devices it would get put together wrong I am certain,
I dont have a garage or anywhere I can do bike maintenance myself any more either…

Happy to pay for help getting this bike sorted if anyone can help

also needs these diaphragms sorting , and a general service But I have no ide who locally or anywhere else could do it ? …

Radical - where are you / the bike based ?

Not sure your level of mechanical competence so forgive this question if its insulting but have you checked the “ball and socket” joints on the gear lever linkage and have you moved the linkage around the splines a couple of notches to raise the lever. Or perhaps you are saying it has to travel down too far before the selector engages the gear ?


There’s a spring setup on the other end of the selector rod (back in next to the clutch plates), if this has come astray it could cause the symptoms you’re having.

These guys can replace your diaphragms for you.