Speedo cable

I have just fitted a new speedo drive and cable but it is just catching on the mounts for the disc.
What I dont know is if there is meant to be any spacers between the speedo drive and the wheel bearing to bring the drive further from the center
Can anyone shed any light on it???[:(]

hope this helps

Cheers think I got round the problem heat gun the plastic and bend it out of the way

Thanks as nearly got the bike finished just a few more challenges to overcome .

Is there an easy way to fit the exhausts???

download the service manual from this site
they helped me emencely
haven’t needed to remove my exhausts but one day I am sure

just take your time dont hurry Honda fitted them so we can too

Rear shock gets in the way of rear header pipes so make sure they are on before engine goes in other wise half the back end has to come off to get to the bolts.The rest is easy.

I had the rear pipe problem had to take the swinging arm out just to access.
found lots of things on this that I have fitted and needed to take off again because I should have fitted another part first but hey its a challenge that is now becoming a done deal as at the stage of firing it up once the pipes are on.
I have got all the electrics working and it turns over so fingers crossed it will all fire up but will need to balance the carbs yet.
When it is done I have a lot of bits left over which can go up for grabs on here which will most probably some people on here as I believe some of the bits are quite hard to get hold of now.

Carbs are a pain to balance,you need a right angled screw driver to get to the adjusters,it takes ages and fingers get burned as motor get hot sooo quick.I bought a bevel drive right angle tool and that helped a lot.