Stafford show October 2018


It’s that time of year again, carol nash classic m/c show at stafford, October 13th and 14th, anyone interested in going, I can do either sat or Sunday , this year I’m going to pre order my tickets so I don’t have to que at the turn stiles


Unfortunately not going to make it this time,Mrs Bif and I are up north for a few days then I’m heading over to Germany to catch up with PAJ for a couple of days.


Working both days but may be able to book a days holiday, will look on tuesday when I am back in work and will let you know.



I can have the saturday off if you fancy going then pete?



I’m hoping to make it down as well, saturday is ok for me. Pete I can pick you up if you want, seeing as you live in that there Barnsley?


Hi chaps… yep saturday is good for me… Andy, I’ll let you know about the lift nearer the time… cheers


Righto Pete! :+1:


Ordered a ticket, not queuing for 45mins like last year. See you there.



Top tip from Gary cheers.:grinning:


philjo has very kindly ordered my advanced ticket, so no queuing for me either, we normally get there for 9.00 to 9.30, as the phone signal is pretty crap there, shall we all meet at the “wall of death” its normally in the same place, turn right as you enter the showground and its in the top corner, you cant miss it,


We’re all being very organised this year! Looking forward to it, see you all there.