Stainless steel brake components

Following a couple of enquiries I have confirmed the supply of pistons and slide pins at £35 per caliper(2 pistons and 1 pin).We are also waiting on a price for the manufacture of the pad pins and the special bolt also in stainless.regards BIF

I have the photos somewhere of the last batch we had made, will dig them out and post them!

What are the ‘slide pins? Are we talking of brake pad retainers or the caliper bolt/pin that the calipers align on. If it’s the latter, do they also make(or have they made) the other mounting bolts’ caliper dowel/spacer?

The slide pin is the lower mounting for the caliper that has an 8mm bolt through the centre into the fork leg.I am waiting on a price for the pad retaining pins and the top mounting bolt which Honda list as special bolt.All will be available in the next couple of weeks if the price is OK.BIF