Stalls when in traffic

Recently got myself a 1984 VF100F. Great bike[:D]. However yesterday it cut out twice on me when sitting in traffic. Engine temp was fine(halfway between hot and cold). It took several attempts on the starter to get it going each time. Any ideas on the cause and remedy. I recently had the tank off the bike while doing the famous oil mod and am sure that I put everything back together correctly. I did not remove the carbs.

8 weeks ago my vf1000f was going through a massive rain cloud and after it got out of the cloud it missed a couple of times.
didn’t find out what it was. its still missing when cold so gotta keep looking

check the wires on the coil packs then check all the wires at the regulator as they rust easily.

both old bikes so wiring is going to have some problems

Its worthwhile checking pipes to and from fuel pump and also fuel pump itself.

my fuel pump would stop pumping after it stopped so I replace it and that fixed that problem

Sorted. I checked the pump as per Clymer- and was ok. Noticed that the manual said idle about 1100 rpm. Mine was below 1000. Changed it, done about 250 miles on the bike, including several hot starts yesterday and today and never stalled once even in city centre traffic.