Starter clutch advice please

After getting the VF1000FE back on the road the starter clutch was giving me trouble on first start. I pulled it apart and found one broken spring and the others a little suspect. No problem I thought, I have a low mileage Boldor one sitting there from the engine that gave me the heads. I noticed the timing lug (not sure what you call it) was a little longer but I thought I would give it a try anyway. Not good, bike started great but would not rev past 2500. OK so I built up one out of a mixture of the best parts and it is better but not great. I have now ordered some new springs from Honda which will be 6-8 weeks.

My question is… has anyone successfully reconditioned the starter clutch outer to ensure the rollers do their thing correctly? A gentle rub with an oil stone would be my go to but interested in anyone else’s experience.

As you can see I do everything I can to rebuild old parts, not just replace with new because it is easy.

Hi Jeffo, how’d you go with the starter clutch? Mine is playing up a bit also. I’ve ordered some new springs but wondering if there’s anything else to check while it’s apart, cheers Tony

Hi Tony, it actually hasn’t played up since I ordered the new springs which is strange but good. When I get the springs and open it up again I will look closely at the the ramp the rollers run up to make sure they are smooth.
Will let you know how I go