starter motor for vf1000f 1984

seems like starters don’t last on these, I have had mine out cleaned and polished too many times now, brushes seem to wear fast and it clogs up, have the normal hard to start thing when hot, I now have to wait longer than a cup of tea at the local bike café before considering a push on the button ( no good for nipping into town then riding strait back).
need a new or refurbished one.
Any one have one for sale or even point right direction, I have also heard that the vf750 fits, is this true?
thanks peeps.

I have a VF750 one fitted on my VF1000FG and it works great! Payed 102€ P&P included for it from Caltric…

Considered a refurb kit? Wemoto do them for about £30.

thanks for the reply guys,
I have gone for a new one I found on ebay (usa)
it says its for the vf750 and after info from members and some hunting I am confident it should be ok as it is mb2 and that is what is on mine now so its either the same for 1000 and 750 or I had a 750 fitted in the first place, it cost me £44.00 +£11.00 for shipping and about £12.00 for tax so I am happy with that total as an inquiry into a refurb on mine was in to the £60.00+ postage area,
fingers crossed its ok.