Starter motor

Does anyone have a spare one knocking around they’d like to sell?
alternatively, does anyone know a place in kent that can refurb and do a good job. The last refurb lasted all of 3 months.


I use new starters from Caltric. They are designed for VF750F but they work fine on our VF1000F/G and VF1000R .Most of us in the V4H80 club use them. At $75 they are the best value around!

ahh, would cost too much to ship to the uk, then i have to pay duty etc!
I’ve ordered a couple of refurb kits and will rebuild mine. Should keep me ticking along a while longer.


hi tassi,
I refurbed my own starter last year, had to re-clean it a few times since then, and again at the beginning of this year as it was struggling a little when hot, i’ve found the more mileage i do on the bike the better it is.

that’s good info on the starters, a few years back i looked at getting one from the USA from a different supplier, the price then would have been around £180 including P&P, import tax, vat and parcel release fee.
Looking at the listing you’ve mentioned, and the dollar/pound exchange rate at the moment, i think that could be on my doorstep for just under £100, still a fair chunk of cash, but considering silvers had an original one listed at 278+vat (£334 total) and someone bought it :o :o… its not too bad.

Hi Pete,
Mine came here less than a week for €102 each including P&P and custom fees… Honda France asked €500plus for the same with No delivery date! David Silver’s offer was not that bad!
I stopped refurbishing mine.

The problem may be the same as the CX motors which are also notorious for slowing dying. What those guys identified was that because the end cap is part of the earthing circuit - when they become crudded up ( heat mainly ) the voltage slowly drops over time. The best way to overcome this is to make an internal wired link between the central body and the end cap. This negates the reliance on the contact between the two body parts ( which btw have a very thin o ring - dust seal, between them as well )
Finally, why not make a small heat shield to go between the front pipes and the starter ?

Don’t know why, but my S.M. is fine all the time.

I found a tidy one on ebay for £50. I’ve now got a couple of refurb kits on the way so that should do me for a while.

As i’ve 2 bikes with the same starter motor, two non functional starter motors and two working ones i’ll refurb both non working and keep them. If a forum member wants one, i can probably do an exchange and refurb of theirs or something. Helps keep our beloveds alive :slight_smile:

I’ve got a working starter for sale for $40 USD. I’ll mail it to the UK as a NVD, no value declared so you can avoid import dues.

Let me know if you’re interested.