Starter solenoid replacement

So, after having battery failure, I had to check the fuses. Imagine my surprise when I found the OEM main fuse!

Of course in the course of my trouble shooting, I managed to somehow arc off the battery and blow that delicate main fuse. I opened up a blade type 30amp fuse and managed to bodge a fix.

On to David Silvers and I found a replacement that takes a blade type fuse.

It looked like a straight swap.

Famous last words!

First of all, it is the wrong way round compared to the original, and not only that, it requires cutting the locking mechanism from the connector.

Now it feels fairly snug and hasn’t worked loose in the week since I fitted it, but it also does not fit snugly into the void left by the original and so has to be secured with some cable ties and still protrudes slightly beyond the frame rail and so maybe more exposed to the elements than previous.

But, it does take a standard blade 30amp fuse and it is not 30 years old, so all in all, still an upgrade.