Starter swap - magna on VFR

Has anyone used another starter on their VF1000R? I need a new one and only new Ones avail are for Magna 1100. It looks like it will mount. If not, I figured I could swap end caps for mounting. Anyone? Anyone??


Hi Lepto

I’m not 100% sure about the 1000R, but I can inform you, that the VFR750(RC36) and VF750F(SC15) and the VF1000F2(SC15) are at the same starter, they can be fittet in whatever engine. Only difference is, that some of them are permanent magnets, others are using stator coil, and they have a different place for the connected main cable, but not long from the original mount. But it’s possible fit, whatever model you take. Also see my topic on the starter, as if you buy one of the permanent magnets mod’s, some of them operates in reverse direction. But they can be modified quite easy.
Good luck

Please note, that engines of all shaft drive models rotate in other direction. so the starters do not fit without modifications. Physically they are same. I had a VF750 F starter in 1000R engine, and it worked OK.