Starting a VF1000F2 engine after along period in storage

Hi, I purchased a running VF1000F2 back in 2015, and after one ride put it away in my garage with the intention of giving it a thorough check over, clean, full service and carry out some identified repairs. Unfortunately, there it sat for over 6 years and have only recently started to prepare it ready to get back on the road. My question here is starting the engine after this long period and is there any advice or suggestions within the group regarding how best to turn the engine over again after this long period; i.e turning it over first with the plugs out, squirting a very small drop of engine oil into each bore,… or don’t bother and just start it again?

A cautious approach will do no harm,plugs out and a drop of oil then turn the engine over

Put a squirt down each bore, wait about an hour then crank it on the starter with the plugs out until the oil pressure light goes out.

Once that’s achieved, put the plugs back and go for it.

Thanks for the confirmation and commenting on taking a cautious approach.

Chris, thanks for responding and will follow your suggestion.