stickers for belly pan

need some stickers for a black belly pan V-FOUR
anyone know where to get them ?[:)]

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hi windy, not sure if the original looking ones are available seperatly. i got a full set for the vf from CB decals, they are spot on in colour (except the small honda sign on the tail unit, should be white lettering, they’ve sent black… they are supposed to be sending me a replacement)… may be worth seeing if they will sell seperatley

Windy, I bought mine some months ago on ebay from
quicksales-23 I,m not sure if he`s still on there because I know ebay are hot on copyright so may have taken him down.
The ones I got were good and apart from the seat side panels were spot on.


Most good graphic shops/printers will be able to reproduce this from either a photo or take along your old one for them to measure etc… This is how I did mine some years ago, and they look great.

Hi Windy,

Check out CB Decals aka AFE Graphics, he does a great job.

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