Stupid Clutch Question Time

Learned collective,

I’ve discovered an issue with the clutch after a few miles of riding.

It’s a new clutch, fitted by a dealer in Oz about 500 miles ago.

It appears that the biting point on the lever is getting progressively further out each time I ride it. It started to bite at about half lever travel when I first got it on the road; after this last ride today it bites almost when the lever is fully released. The clutch still works, but that just seems to be too far out on the travel, and it seems to be getting progressively worse.

I’ve also noticed that the slave cylinder is leaking.

Could this slave cylinder leak be the issue? Could it be the master cylinder (overhauled already) or is there something amiss with the clutch itself?

It doesn’t slip or drag, gear changes are smooth and it’s otherwise working fine.

Any ideas?

A problem with the slave cylinder would tend to make the biting point nearer to the handlebar in my experience,from the problems you have had with the clutch and front suspension I would be questioning the competency of the workmanship.
For the cost of a gasket I would be tempted to strip the clutch and ensure it has been assembled correctly.

Hi, Bill,

The clutch issue is resolved.

You were correct that it was a workmanship issue - mine.

The master cylinder was over filled, so the expanding fluid had nowhere to go other than partially activate the slave cylinder when the engine was at running temperature. Having drained a bit of fluid out (down to the max level line (:confounded::flushed::roll_eyes:) and exhaustively tested the system on a 50 mile ride this morning, all is good.

What an idiot…

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Good man :grinning: :+1: