Subaru Radiator Fan Switch Success

I’m sure this has been reported before, but just to say that Ihave had a real success with changing the radiator fan switch on my '84 VF1000fe. As recommended by Jamie Daugherty (and others) on another VF site, I changed the fan switch to a Subaru type. I also wired in an over-ride switch in parallel, just in case. The Subaru switch closes at 95 degrees rather than the Honda part at 105 degrees. The fans now cut in when the temperature gauge is half way up the range, and the temperature holds at this, even in 10mins of stop start traffic during this hot weeks weather. I’m still not that confident it would hold in London traffic so I’m tempted to put a small fan in the top radiator. Has anyone ever tried this?

Sounds like a ‘cool’ mod(pun intentional) Can you give us the part number for the Subaru fan switch so I can stroll into my dealer and get one?

I bought a pattern one on ebay.I think he still has some left at a bargain price.
Whilst the Subaru one is the correct thread, and fits fine, the conector is on flying leads. You will have to modify the connections to suit. I chopped the Subaru and vf wiring loom connectors off and replaced them with new inline connectors.

I can confirm another fan switch that works fine:
Hyundai/Mitsubitchi 25360-24000

Thread size is of course correct, the tappet which goes inside the radiator is exactly the same length as in the original Honda fan switch. The only thing to modify here is the connector (cut the wires and replace the connectors)
This switch closes at 85C, and opens at 80C.

It should not be a problem to get this switch from any auto parts store in your nearby location. The only problem over here (in Skelleftea, Sweden) was to find a shop which was helpful enough to spend the time looking through their catalogs for a low temperature, right threaded and right sized switch.

I can confirm this works. The temperature does not get above half way across the dial.

Hope they open a 95c not close
or maybe they are Australian switches

scrub that remark been a complicated day

ADE from the internet sent me crap made forks
Wamoto sent me VF500 forks
Now I have to wait from Italy for the right ones soon.
They did compensate me with a set of disc pads