Sudden loud "tap" from the rear cylinder head! ideas & help please

I have a small – massive problem??
I have a VF 1000 ff & I brought it last year & have just completed a light tarting up that involved, Some touching up of the paint work & changing the oil, plus, filter & also changing to waterless cooling & fitting a replacement radiator.
Now here’s the thing.
I was running the bike up like I do every 3 weeks or so the engine had been running for around 15 minutes when it stopped ( I had turned the fuel off to test the fuel switch ).
However when the bike was restarted there was a loud “ticking” similar to a very loud tappet that wasn`t apparent before coming from the rear cylinder head.
I am not much of a mechanic but willing to try & get in there.

Any ideas?

Hi Bert,was the noise engine speed linked?Did it Stop after a short period?Just with the fuel having been turned off the fuel pump would be clicking away like crazy until the carbs refilled.
Regards Bif

Hi Bif
The noise is speed related & is continuous.
It sounds like a LOUD tappet (singular), however if it was a tappet I would expect the noise to grow as the adjustment got more out of range, This just started & is LOUD like metal on metal…
The type of sound & the suddenness is what is causing me to worry. I am wondering if a Tappet adjuster has broken.
The bike runs, it just sounds like a berserk typewriter
Ideas? or is panic more in keeping.

Cheers Bert

Hi Bif
It appears that the fuel pump was the problem & after leaving the fuel on to allow the pump & system to fill & the problem is considerably less noisy.

Cheers bert

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