Suspension advice please.

Couple of questions re my FF -
1/ The front fork brace is missing, is it worth making one up or doesn’t it make any difference ?
2/ I’m going to replace the back shock and looking at a CBR600 ? Any particular model ?


hi yorky,

probably not the answer your wanting but, as standard, non of the cbr600 shocks are really suitable for the vf, all have longer strokes, weaker springs and are too short and would need extending, the only one that comes close is the cbr600f 87/90 this still needs extending, i have one on my fe at the moment,me being a light weight, not carrying a pillion or luggage i just get away with it turned up to max pre-load but its still quite soft… when funds allow i will be buying one of the yys shocks listed on ebay…
there are firms in america that will convert cbr600 shocks to fit the vf, this normally involves extending, re-springing and re-valving, but by the time you’ve paid for postage ect you may as well buy the correct one for the bike…