Suspension Upgrade for vf1000f

Hi All,
New to forum. Have a 1984 VF1000F which I love, but hate the stock suspension. Looking for an Australian replacement for the rear shock…took off about 1 cm of metal on the centre stand last weekend on a nice corner. Lucky no on-coming cars. Want to do front shocks also. Anyone know who to contact in Aus for this?
Thanks for suggestions,

Hagon are the cheapest if getting out of the UK. Wilbers are better but more expensive.

I have an EMC on my VF/G,they are among the the best along with WhitePower,but what about aviability down under…

I have updated F2:s suspension with progressive Hagons in front (I like it ) and Also Hagon in the rear. The rear needed lots of adjusting before it came close to acceptable, with today’s knowledge I would have chosen Wilbers.

I have not fitted a shock to my vf as yet but previous experience with other bikes eg gsxr 1100 slab side and a TL1000R says don’t skimp on a hagon tried them and the rear ends were never the same not as good as standard in my opinion AND EVEN RODE DOWN TO THEIR TESTING GROUND AND STILL IT WAS NO GOOD , eventually bought a wilbers for the tl and that was brilliant, you get what you pay for to a certain extent and wilbers are great value for money and does what it says on the tin