Swingarm differences

Can anyone tell me the difference between the swingarm of the FE model and the FF,FG,F2F ?

David Silver have a swingarm Pn:52100-MB6-630, which is listed as fitting (FF,FG,F2F).

I emailed them asking if it would be suitable for an FE but they told me that Pn:52110-MB2-700 was the correct arm for an FE and the other wasn’t suitable.


The FF one is longer that than the FE model.

Ah, I see, no good for me then but for you guys with FF’s it seems a bargain at 50 pounds, includes all bearings and seals as well.

Last year I needed the rubber thing, which protects the swing from scratches done by drivechain. It was only 25 Euros more to get whole new swingarm, so it was easy decision :slight_smile: