Hi everyone,
I need to change the swingarm of my VF 1000 interceptor 1986 (canadian model) due to a visible scratch on the left side. I’ve found some used swingarms for sale with the general indication of SC15 model.
Looking at the pictures I noted some differences in the area of the rear shock hole (different shape). I suppose it is related to the different model year.
The question is: dispite the shape of the rear shock hole, are the swingarms of different model similar? Is possible to mount a swingarm of a vf1000f2 on my vf1000 interceptor?
Thank for your help

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the VF1000F (interceptor) was only ever produced in 1984 in Canada and the US, anything after that is a VF1000FF or a VF1000F2…

I’m sorry,
I’ve double checked with the identification sheet and my bike falls into the block of VF1000FE (interceptor) for Canada.
De-coding the serial number by means of the parts list, it was built in 1985.

I think that the VF1000F2 is a bit longer than the VF1000F one. That apart, you’ll have to add spacers to your shock absorber and it’ll fit straight on!

hi, as fred says the vf1000ff swing arm is slightly longer than the 1984/85 vf1000fe, you will also be able to fit a vf750fd swingarm as it is exactly the same as on the vf1000fe

Thank you all for your suggestions!